This morning I woke up pretty early.  I read two devotional entries and the first day of a “read the Bible in one year” reading plan.  I also read a chapter in a book on leadership.  I did this because I need to read more and start my day listening to God’s word before I began to share it with others.  I then went and made an omelette of egg whites, turkey bacon and low-fat cheese.  I took my multivitamin and my fish oil.  All of this is because my doctor says I need to eat better.  Then I went running.  I am supposed to exercise.  After that, I went to my local Starbucks where I answered some emails and texts, and wrote about 1500 words on my novel.

All that before lunch.

January 1 must be the most productive day on the calendar.  It is the day when we take on our New Year’s resolutions with gusto.  It is the day that we sit back and bask in the radiant thoughts of what life would be like if we just lived everyday like this.

Sometime in February, our days tend to resemble those of last year and our resolutions are forgotten.

For this reason, it has become trendy to forego the resolution setting altogether.  Why make a goal that you won’t achieve?  Why make a promise that you won’t keep?

Personally, I realize that my reading is going to fall behind some week when things get really crazy.  I also realize that a few reese’s peanut butter cups are going to sneak their way into my diet.  As for that novel?  Well, eventually the main character is going to hover in limbo as I try to get him to come to some life-altering realizations right before his black moment.

Still, I’m making my resolutions.

Why?  Because today has been a good day.  It has been a productive day.  I would like to string along as many good, productive days as I can.  So what if a day, or a week, or a month (you are a pessimist aren’t you?) fails to reach my newly set standard?  It would be better to try and succeed some of the time then not to try at all.

Welcome to 2014.  Make the most of it.  Aim for the best.  Embrace the adventure.  Spoiler alert:  You will fail in your resolutions.  Then you get to try for them again.  Keep trying.