It is Christmas season and the “war on Christmas” is once again a topic of discussion. Oddly, while I see countless posts on Facebook about keeping Christ in Christmas, a recent study shows that only 14% of church goers are planning to attend Christmas services in their church this year. So just to be clear, the superficial things like holiday spellings, retail greetings, trees, and town decor are worth a war, but worship is negotiable.

It may seem like a simple case of misplaced priorities, but I think it reveals a truth about all of us that is much deeper. The fact is that we are only comfortable with Jesus at a distance. His goodness; His purity; His holiness is so great that up close, we are bothered. If we draw too close to Christ, our lives will be wrecked. Nothing will seem as important as it once was, or perhaps things will seem so important that we will be seen as fanatical. Either way, it is a scary thing to be close to pure holiness.

That’s why we trade His worldview for a political platform, His compassion and mercy for gift exchanges, and His commission for waging a war for cultural tradition.

Oh, but what if we set fear aside and sought Him with wild abandon? I bet it wrecks things. I bet it messes up my life. This year, I’m praying that my life gets wrecked this way!