The other day, we went for a walk. My wife and I were walking (and trying to teach the new puppy to walk on a leash) while my son road his bike. We were headed to the post-office. That’s about half a mile from our house. My son asked how far ahead he could go and I said, “just go on.” He knows that route. It’s nothing out of the ordinary. He probably doesn’t need me for it.

When we mistake the Gospel for something ordinary, fathers forget how much they are needed. And we do mistake the gospel for something ordinary all the time. For many, the Gospel is just a way to live a better life, be a better person, or somehow earn a little extra help in the world. Nothing out of the ordinary at all. Thus, when we send our children down that path, we are inclined to say “Just go on” and assume we aren’t needed.

But the Gospel is no ordinary road. It’s a radical road that few tread. As Simeon prophesied in Luke 2, Christ is the rise and fall of many. He is a sign against many. He reveals (and pierces) many hearts. Fathers, that is not a road to travel down lightly. That is not a road to carelessly send our children down as we flirt with the wider paths. That is a road where men must lead.