“Normal is to strive for the center of what the world lives like. Weird is to live to be in the center of God’s will” p. 120

Craig Groeschel claims to be weird and he encourages his readers to be weird as well. Why? Because normal just isn’t that great. In his book, Weird, Groeschel compares the norm for time management, money, relationships, sex, and values with biblical teachings in order to show that “weird” is better.

Groeschel does a very good job exposing the pitfalls of normal ways of life. I think the honest reader would readily agree. In each area, Groeschel delivers biblical insight and practical steps toward something different. Some of his advice will seem very familiar, whereas some will be more challenging. Groeschel attacks the prosperity gospel in his section on money, which may surprise many readers. He also teaches sexual purity for adults, whereas most Christian authors seem to only address this as a topic for adolescents.

However, much of the book just doesn’t seem to go far enough. It loses steam. The sections on time and money are much more detailed and valuable than those on relationships and sex. In the end, I think Groeschel could have gotten his point across in a magazine article. To truly get a lot out of this topic, a series of books may have been better.

For many, this may be a good start. Perhaps it is the initial challenge to no longer consider the Christian life as synonymous with the “American Dream.”

If your use of time and money has become a problem or you struggle in your relationships or with sexual sin, this book may be a good place for you to start. If you are already reading David Platt or Francis Chan, there is nothing new here.