This is unusual for me. I do not normally board the boycott bandwagon. I have long since realized that if I limit my patronage to stores that only match my beliefs and morals, I would shop in a very small space. However, I cannot fathom your recent defense of the e-book, The Pedophile’s Guide. I have been your loyal customer for many years, and I have also been a third party seller on your site. I am very familiar with your policies and as such, now realize that pedophilia is apparently something you value.

That is a strong accusation to make. After all, you have issued a statement to suggest that this is not the case, but you are high bound by other values. You claim that “Amazon believes it is censorship not to sell certain books simply because we or others believe their message is objectionable.” This came as news to me. Being a former third party seller I knew there was quite a list of items that you do not allow. In fact, in your selling policies, under Prohibited Content, you state, “If we determine that the content of a product detail page or listing is prohibited, potentially illegal, or inappropriate, we may summarily remove or alter it. reserves the right to make judgments about whether or not content is appropriate.” Looking at your statement defending this e-book, and knowing your stated policies, it is clear that even though you believe it to be censorship, you do remove listings based on what you judge to be “appropriate.” Thus, you choose not to remove The Pedophile’s Guide because you believe it to be appropriate.

Your store is not a free for all. It is not a place where one can buy anything and everything because there are items that you, as a company, have chosen not to sell. By your own words, you sell only what you deem appropriate.

I cannot in good conscience continue to patronize a business that has deemed pedophilia to be appropriate.

I am going to watch your actions over the next few days. I expect that you will most likely pull the e-book and clarify your company’s values. However, should you refuse to do so, I will no longer shop at your site, I will remove my wish list from your site, and I will remove ever link from my blog to your products.

I have always thought well of your company. You offer a good selection and good service. I hope you will examine your company values.

Aaron Davis

Update: The controversial title is no longer offered on, though Amazon has not issued a statement addressing this move.

Update #2: I have received a response from, simply stating that the book is “no longer for sale.”
Thank you,!

Update #3: I may have issued my “Thank you” too soon. It is unclear as to whether or not Amazon actually pulled the book. In saying “no longer for sale” Amazon is not implying any action on their part.