Today began with a little sight-seeing. Our hotel is four blocks from the Tazmal Archeological Site. Its a Mayan pyramid; the most significant archeological find in El Salvador. We always try to take some time to see it. A walk down the road gives us some good interaction with people as well. Afterword, we had lunch in a church member’s home which was great as always. I have been eating many tortillas; getting ready for the pupusa challenge that surely awaits.

After lunch, we set out to visit homes in the community. We’ve noticed that we are being invited back to homes we’ve visited in the past. Its great to see how the Gospel has taken root in homes in this village. We had a few firsts too. Ever eaten a coffee bean right from the tree? I have! Ever tried to share the Gospel with two soldiers packing AR-15’s? Jamie has! Ever spent 15 cents to buy a sweet roll only to find that it tastes like dirt? Let’s leave it at that.

After a great afternoon, we had our evening service where James preached. He preached a great message and I am real proud of him. Samantha taught the children and they all seem to love her…of course. An interesting thing happened at the end of the service: the power went out. It was pitch-black throughout the church and everyone was up and trying to find a flashlight or something. Over that commotion we could hear the children screaming in the back room. I noticed several men walking back there to pick up their little ones and calm them down. That made me think about how we often are about our circumstances. When the lights go out and we are stuck in the midst of the unknown, we scream. Even in the unknown though, our heavenly Father knows where we are and how to find us. He can calm our fears. It was a good lesson for me today…especially when I learned why we met soldiers on the road. Don’t worry, we’re quite safe and all is well, but if I had known last week what I know now, I might have expressed a little fear. The Father knows best though, so we are best to be right in the middle of His will. So, don’t worry and trust the Father even if the lights go out.