In the movie That Thing You Do, just before the one-hit “Wonders” make their live television debut, one character asks, “How did we get here?” The reply comes from the star of the movie, “I lead you here, sir.”

Yesterday, we made the now familiar trek to El Salvador. Since this is my fourth trip, things have gotten very familiar. Getting through the San Salvador airport is fairly simple, customs is no problem, and once we were outside, I quickly found old friends waiting for us. Now I wish I could report that we immediately experienced some great Salvadoran food, but our dinner was also familiar: Wendy’s. Yes, its just like Wendy’s anywhere else. After that, we made the van ride out to Chalchuapa and checked in at the familiar hotel. The pirates are gone, but the rooms are the same.

This morning, we had a good breakfast of eggs, bread, black beans and coffee. That’s good stuff. Then we made our way to the church. I really enjoy preaching and it was great to preach about the Lord’s Supper and then lead the church as we partook. It really put the week in perspective for us. Afterward, we visited with several church members and enjoyed lunch in the church parsonage. After a siesta, we began to visit homes in the community. We enjoyed meeting several people, and checking in on some we’ve met before. We returned in time to enjoy some fried plantains that one church member prepared for us.

As I sat in the worship service this evening, waiting to preach again, I couldn’t help to wonder, “How did I get here?” I think I wonder that every year. No matter how familiar this mission trip goes, I still find it someone overwhelming to be here. Christians are called globally which can really be tough to comprehend sometimes. It seems odd that and insignificant pastor like me can somehow find myself in the back country of El Salvador preaching in a packed-out cinder block church. Despite language and cultural barriers, there is true fellowship; evidence of the Holy Spirit. So how did I get here? The Lord’s answer is, I lead you here.

As the week continues, I’ll certainly update more about our adventures. As for the blog title, that’s an inside joke; the kind that comes about on a mission trip and is never as funny once explained.