I often wonder about social networking. Various technologies has allowed people to communicate quickly and at many different points in one’s life. Where as before I might see a friend and catch up on all that has gone on since our last meeting, I am now able to read and comment on even the smallest details of their day.

In many ways, it’s a great new way to increase communication. I love seeing what is going on in the lives of so many on Facebook, or reading various thoughts and musings on Twitter. However, I’m not sure that all this increased communication it is actually building fellowship. Instead, I think people are becoming more isolated. In social networking, words can be taken back simply by deleting a comment. Friends can be “defriended” and blocked with the press of a button; effectively no longer existing. There is no need for reconciliation, we’re all free to continue on without the nuisance of descent.

We have seen this phenomena grow among Christians long before social networking sites were popular. How often do we simply switch churches over disagreements? I live in a town of 700 people and I preach in one of three Baptist churches. Fellowship is secondary, what I want is primary.

So what do we say about the gospel? We proclaim that when humanity rebelled against God, it pleased Him to pour out His wrath, not on the rebels (us), but on Jesus. He took great lengths to reconcile us to Him. He is a holy God and certainly well within His rights to abolish humanity for its sin, but in grace, He reconciled. That’s the gospel we preach, but is it the gospel we display when we simply erase those with whom we disagree, or change churches because our feelings are hurt? Something isn’t adding up. Christian, we must begin to adjust our lives, every part, to reflect the gospel.